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The Unlock by code Nokia service allows You to unlock Your phone permanently and without voiding its manufacture warranty. Unlock codes are completely safe for your Nokia. You should be 100% sure of your Nokia network and country. In case of choosing wrong network, you run the risk of receiving wrong code.
You also need to be sure that your IMEI number is given correctly.
Unlock codes are completely safe for your Nokia.

To unlock Nokia is required choosing network where phone was purchased. You need to also type correct IMEI of Your phone.
Selecting the correct network and the country is very important. By choosing wrong network You will risk receiving wrong unlock code.

Code #pw+123456789012345+1# type in the following way:
1. Turn on the phone without sim card
2. Select character # on the keypad
3. Characters p, w, + get by choosing few times STAR *
4. Press # button to approve code
5. Message "SIM restriction OFF" appears, Your phone is now unlocked


"Not allowed" mean that your counter in the device is blocked. You need to reset the counter by using an USB cable and the given program.

If You have locked counter in Your Nokia, You can enter it via USB cable. 

What we will need ? 
1. USB cable 
2. drivers installed
3. software usb nokia 
4. . NET Framework 
- connect turned on phone to PC 
- Run software usb nokia 
- set Read info and click DO JOB , we will be information about your phone (IMEI, network code, etc.) 
- choose REST BB5+ COUNTER and click DO JOB, blocked counter is now reset.
- Choose Send Unlock Code 
- in Unlock Code , enter the code, only 15 digits 
- Choose Level 1 
- Select OVER FBUS
- Click FOR JOBS 
The phone is unlocked now.

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    Unlock Nokia 1112

    Unlock Nokia 1112